First . . . most copywriters don’t want you to know . . .

“The Only Purpose Of This Headline
Is To Do One Thing,
and One Thing ONLY…”

…to get you to read the next line. It’s not here to sell you on anything other than to read the next line and so on. It’s the same whether you read the headline above or any subject-line in an email.

This is the essence of an effective sales letter

Yes, it’s true. The headline does not sell anything but the next sentence. This why your advertising message, the words you deliver, have to speak directly to the person who passionately wants what you have to offer.

When you want a buyer to enthusiastically grab your product in your first ad run, or get an injection of amazing zing in your current running ad, causing your buyer to take action  and BUY… get a quick analysis right now showing you how to get your ad selling today. 
… keep reading and see what the next secret is…

Could your current ad be losing
thousands of dollars of profit all without you knowing?

It could be because of something in the ad . . . something you can’t put your finger on, something that misses making the vital emotional connection your buyer is feeling right now. What if you could stack the odds slightly or even more in your favour? Why wait? You wouldn’t give this overtly strong advantage over your competitor . . . Would you?

“The best bargain for your marketing
is a good sales letter.”
~ Eugene Schwartz

A good sales letter, is a winning sales letter. A unique message speaking to someone, just like you, right now. Written to provoke an immediate, measurable response, so easy to duplicate, over and over again. Imagine having an exciting, unstoppable, compelling message triggering a surge in cash flow . . . just for you and your product? A bargain at any price, wouldn’t you say?

You can have your own insider’s secret weapon… a team member who can translate your prospects emotions into greater sales. This will give you the ultimate, unfair, house advantage like a Las Vegas casino stacking the odds in your favour. Don’t you think this is by far the best bargain, team member, you will ever invest in? And the best thing is, you can go to this gold mine over, and over again because this investment keeps on paying you.

Many people want to get their product to the market and start enjoying the cash flow of success. But then, could you be someone losing profits on a under-performing ad? Maybe it’s time to find out now by making the connection.

If you want to stop losing valuable profits from an ad that has failed to connect with your prospects vital emotions . . . Imagine right now what it would feel like turning a hefty profit within the first few hours of your new ad launch? Could this make a difference? Your competitor would not hesitate, will you?

Well, if it’s an ad you currently have running, now is the best time to take the next step and find out with my proven ‘Second Look™‘ ad critique. Could your current ad just need a few tweaks or changes, a bit of translation to dramatically improve your sales? Several of my clients have seen their ad sales surge in responsive sales profits much faster after just a ‘Second Look™.

“Since Second Look™ Ad Critique…
A 120% Increase in Business…”

(insider’s knowledge according to Gayle Brantuk – Vice President, Glen-L Marine Designs)

Is the lack of sales in your current ad keeping you up at night? If the idea of writing an ad leaves you in a panic because the words just don’t come together… it’s just that one missing idea you need to push it over the top…

“Just One Of Jonathan’s Ideas
Separated Me From My Competitors!…”

(insider’s knowledge according to Peter Van L Brady | Custom Renovated Homes for Veterans | Veteran’s Angels Fund Real Estate Investments I VA Home Loans I Author –

Understand, it’s really not your fault. Sometimes it could be the difference of adding just one letter to one word . . . or maybe only adding one word is the key to making the money your deserve. Or… Are you willing to leave now, click away, all knowing that feeling of settling for that current ad draining your profits dry? What’s your criteria to mailing to marginal lists of unqualified prospects? Are you looking to just break even on your mailing? Are you aggressive in your marketing approach or cautiously holding back? The answers to these and other questions can also make or break your efforts.

Ask yourself this question:

“Shouldn’t I be getting the maximum amount of return (ROI),
the maximum amount of cash, from my current marketing efforts?”

Consider these questions:


Do you have an unquenchable thirst for growth? Does your marketing plan include acquiring a new customer at a small cost only to quadruple your customer base, revenue and sales profits in as little as two years? Next. . .


If you are not currently getting the maximum amount of money

from your marketing efforts… and you want a clear demonstration of:

Increasing profits you can measure,
Sales you can monitor and…
Increasing sales profits you can reproduce at will

for any amount you invest in your marketing and advertising…

Get Your Free
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You’ll find out how to…

Identify for once exactly what deeply held desire your prospect connects with your product or service…
Finally zero in on the aspirations of your prospect to immediately profit from selling in ways you had yet to think of…
Discover how using just one secret strategy will take your sales to higher profits
Target the male or female brain to respond differently to your sales letter and offer . . . I cracked the code…
Uncover whether your present sales letter or video is missing this vital element that kills sales 63% of the time…
See which words your current sales letter or video uses that are stopping your sales…
How my proven control beating strategies get you more profits from clicks, calls and sales…
And…SO much more!…

Imagine using any one of these unheard of insider selling techniques… like resurrecting a product once thought dead and unsellable given it new life selling in quantities, bringing in cash you never thought possible…

The exact application of this one secret strategy alone I learned in detail watching how my personal mentor Eugene Schwartz applied it in action over thirty years ago. This was just one single secret strategy ‘Gene’ successfully used for several of his clients bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars for them.

And now you too can get in on profiting from this proven insider secret strategy from the legendary Eugene Schwartz as many others just like you have done by working with me.

“Jonathan is a visionary marketing strategist, a proven direct-response copywriter, author, speaker and a well-respected copywriting coach to many copy cubs turned professional successful copywriters. In addition to creating new winning sales ads and promotions in a variety of industries, Jonathan works constantly with clients and copywriters, secretly turning many ads lacking sales into dynamic, profitable winners.”

If you don’t know of, or ever heard of Eugene Schwartz… Get some insights of my one-on-one, in-person, mentoring experience with the man himself: Who’s Jonathan So you might say when hiring me you also get me + Gene.


”…Ads Proven Much More Responsive and
Way More Profitable!
You’ve Come to the Right Place!”

(insider’s knowledge according to “Big Mike” – Michael Straumietis, CEO and Owner of the massively successful  |

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